A small shoemaking workshop located beneath the family home.


Lima, Peru





A bit of Background

Joel’s family has been making shoes for a long time. Ever eager to learn the craft, he volunteered to help in their shop at a young age. As his interest in shoemaking started to grow, he decided to study pattern-making, honing his ability to create shapes that would flatter the foot. His passion for the craft came with a desire to start his own workshop, so after making a plan with his wife he set out to do just that.

His small shop, located just below his aunt’s house, is his shoemaking haven - allowing him the opportunity to pursue his lifelong passion and to encourage other shoemakers to do the same.

Working Together

Joel has brought his expertise to our oxford styles. He has been able to master the perfect look and fit for Carmen while maintaining incredible comfort and durability. Since releasing the Carmen in the spring of 2017, it’s become one of our most enduring styles.