A small, tight-knit workshop on the edge of Lima


Lima, Peru




Carmen, Daniela, Emmy, Jenna, Micaela

A Bit Of Background

Carlos began his journey in leather goods 15 years ago, when he started as an intern at a local leather jacket business. Eventually he grew interested in footwear, and decided to shift his focus toward learning the art of shoemaking.

In 2017 he decided to make the jump and start his own workshop. He currently has three full-time employees and brings on more help when he is working on larger projects. He plans to soon hire more full-time employees and invest in additional tools to broaden his production capabilities as we create more with him. 

Working Together

For the last year, we have spent time getting to know Carlos and his team, and Fall/Winter 2019 is the first collection we have completed together. Until now, Carlos has only worked with Peruvian brands, so we are thrilled to be his first  international partner.

His commitment to quality products and emphasis on strong working relationships were evident from the day we met him and his team. The workshop's craftsmanship and skill continue to impress us and we can't wait to grow and expand alongside this team.