Benita + Sebastian

A husband and wife duo that brings artisan weavers' talents to the world.


Lima, Peru
Puno, Peru


25 employees
180 artisans


Puno + Juli Blankets

A Bit of Background

Benita and Sebastian Lopez began their careers as volunteers helping farmers in the communities around Lake Titicaca in Peru. It was there that they developed an appreciation for the ancient weaving techniques native to the region, and founded programs to promote the skills and welfare of the artisans and export their traditional handicrafts.

Working Together

Through a partnership with Benita and Sebastian, we created blankets to showcase the craftsmanship of the weavers and the uniqueness of alpaca. Made by hand on wooden looms, this blanket was crafted by artisans in the highlands of Peru that receive a fair, living wage, equal employment and benefits.

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