Adra $240.00 4 colors available

Michelle $250.00 2 colors available

Hannah $250.00 3 colors available

Rayna $210.00 4 colors available

About the Collection: Travel & Resort

Get out of town! In travel and resort sandals and slides. Whether you just booked your flight to Bali, or are planning a beach day across town, investing in a trusty pair of sandals that can take you stylishly from your front door to your final destination is nothing to take for granted. The key to finding your new favorites? Prioritizing both quality and appearance. (To keep you smiling in all of your vacation pictures!)

We’re here to be your style travel agent. Our curated list of sandals and easy slides are perfect for a full day of travel - from the airplane, to cobblestone streets, pool deck, or wherever your travels take you.