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Fortress Faves | The 2 Bandits


We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Fortress Faves" blog posts. This week, we're showcasing The 2 Bandits, a jewelry company with an eclectic approach to design.

A little about the company:

The 2 Bandits is a remarkable jewelry company that combines Southwestern and North American influences with vintage elegance and bohemian charm to create unparalled aesthetic and identifiable pieces. Founded by Tamar Wider in 2008, the brand has established a global presence througout the years being sold throughout stores and online channels in the U.S., Canada, France, Australia, Lebannon and Japan.

What we like about the brand: 

Tamar Wilder - The 2 Bandits

Tamar Wider is not your everyday jewelry designer. Wider grew up with a fascination for natural stones so she understands the importance of discovering materials in the truest form. Wider traveled to Ramat Gan, Israel years before the concept of The 2 Bandits materialized where she was trained and become a certified gemologist. With her expert knowledge in stones and education in jewelry making at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, she was able to build and quickly expand her brand of beautifully flawed, earthy stoned jewelry.


The 2 Bandits offers an impeccable balance between rustic and refined. Each piece is made with earthy stones which give it a subtle rustic grunge yet the design features sharply defined edges and lines that give the piece a very polished look—a seamless blend of two polar opposites.

Some pieces that we like:

It was truly a difficult task to pick out a few favorites from hundreds of beautiful and unique jewelry pieces. Our selection here provides a piece from each jewelry category (ring, bracelet, earrings, and necklace) across all of The 2 Bandits' collections.

Insight Ring - The 2 Bandits

Insight Ring

Mammoth Cuff - The 2 Bandits

Mammoth Cuff

Prism Earrings - The 2 Bandits

Prism Earrings

Monroe Collar - The 2 Bandits

Monroe Collar

You can incorporate some of Bandit’s jewelry and a pair of Fortress of Inca heels (such as the Victoria Luz in black + caramel) to dress up your outfit. For a more casual look, you can combine some of these intricate jewelry pieces with a pair of Fortress of Inca flats like the Adra.

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