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Fortress Faves | Mamie Ruth


 We are starting “Fortress Faves” to highlight some of the clothing brands we like. After all, clothes and shoes are intertwined; you can’t have too much of one or the other.

A little about the company:

Mamie Ruth is a unique women’s clothing brand that channels free spirit through its vibrant and creative 1960s and 1970s-inspired garments and accessories. Founded by Designer Emily Bargeron in Savannah, Georgia, the company launched its first collection in 2006. Now the brand is being sold in over 40 boutiques throughout the United States as well as through its online storefront.

What we like about the brand:

1. Mamie Ruth and Fortress of Inca are basically cousins. One of the reasons why we like Mamie Ruth is because the brand has a similar personality to Fortress of Inca - making us the perfect complement for each other. We both channel a free-spirited and vibrant lifestyle: our products (whether they are shoes or clothing and accessories) feature eye-catching patterns, bold colors and unique designs. Finally, rather than exploiting cheap labor and mass production, Mamie Ruth chose to hand make its products in small batches to underscore exclusivity of the brand much like Fortress of Inca.

2. Mamie Ruth gives back! Another reason why we like this clothing brand is because it makes philanthropy a big priority. Instead of capitalizing on its incomes, a portion of Mamie Ruth’s profits are given to children’s homes and orphanages throughout Africa.

Some pieces that we like:

Every girl needs a mini skirt with a fun print. The adorable Sandy Skort is the perfect way to turn heads while still being comfortable. It also pairs perfectly with Fortress of Inca’s Elise in Whiskey or Lily Paige in Black.

Sandy Skort - Mamie Ruth

Sandy Skort in Orange


An fun, vibrant pair of pants that will make any girl stand out in an art gala or spring socials. Complete the look with Fortress of Inca’s Victoria Luz in Black.


Ringleader Bell - Mamie Ruth

Ringleader Bell Pants


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