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What's Your Style? 5 Easy Ways to Tell

This is a guest article written by Samantha Let’s be real for a second. What we wear says a lot about who we are. Like right now, I’m still sitting in my pj’s, which says I should probably care more about my appearance. Well, don’t judge, okay? If you’d seen me in middle school, you’d ...

Perfect your Music Festival Outfit with Fortress of Inca Boots

Still scrambling to find the perfect outfit to wear to ACL festival? We're here to help! Our durable, handmade shoes have the comfort and style to be your go-to piece for festival season.

The Top Things to Consider when choosing which Ankle Boots to Purchase

The ankle boot has become ubiquitous. Because of the versatility of the type of shoe, the ankle boot is now all-season and can be worn formally or casually. In the past, ankle boots were described as “the most widely worn style of fashion boots, usually under pants” but this has changed...

Fortress Of Inca Presents: #WeWalkFar featuring Ashley Hargrove

Those familiar with Fortress of Inca may recognize the phrase "One Walks Far." Starting today we are reaching out to the ladies of Fortress with #WeWalkFar to tell their story. This week, we're talking to Ashley Hargrove, founder of DTK Austin Styling. Use this hashtag to share your experiences, get involved, and make a difference.

#WeWalkFar | Sarah Lindner

This week's #WeWalkFar feature is Sarah Lindner from The House of Sequins. A self-proclaimed online personal shopper and hoarder for herself, Sarah showcases three of our favorite things on her website: Fashion, Travel, and Food.

Shoes to Blog About

At Fortress of Inca we care about the people that make our shoes, and the people that wear them. We want you to love the look of your Fortress booties or sandals as much as you love the feel of them. So we were especially excited when we saw Los Angeles based mom and podiatrist, Dr. Shoemom, rave about the style and comfort of our Adriana Coco booties.