The Perfect Valentine


Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day and our new spring collection just around the corner. We’re all about making your feet and soul comfortable with our handcrafted shoes made with the finest materials by fairly paid Peruvian artisans. But that’s not all we do. If you're wondering what to do on Valentine's day, we have some ideas to make it a (fashionable) night to remember.

Picnic in the Park

Whether it’s sunny or chilly outside, our Inti Love Loafers (beigechocolate) and Jasmine Belle boots (tangrey) are the perfect way to accessorize a picnic in the park. We're based in Austin, and if you're in similar climate, grab a basket, a blanket, lunch for two and head out to find a grassy knoll. If an outdoor picnic isn't an option, bring your picnic inside-- find a fire place to curl up to!

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Top Golf

Top Golf is becoming all the craze here in Austin with its fresh new way to play golf while socializing with friends. It’s a great way to spend some quality time together in a fun, relaxed atmosphere and we can’t think of any other shoe more perfect for the task than our Paloma shoe (black + caramelcaramel + navy) and half-moon sandals (beige).

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Mini Golf

Of course, if you prefer the more traditional route, mini-golf is always a classic and our Isabella Pointed Toe (blackgrey) and Inti Ballerina flats (brownnatural) are a hole in one!

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Fine Dining

Nothing complements dinner at a swanky restaurant downtown better than a glass of wine and a pair of Fortress of Incas. We’ll take a pair of the Ximena Isi (oxblood), Risa Ani (black), or Ryan Alexandra (black) booties, please!

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Drive-In Movie

Channel your inner Grease with our Adriana Coco booties (black + ponyscotchsilver) and pop in for a romantic night at a drive-in movie theater. Pack some extra blankets to cuddle up and get comfortable while watching some classics.

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Netflix and Popcorn

Instead of driving to see a movie, slip on your Sofia Terra booties (brownblackgrey) and set up your own private movie night in the comfort of your living room or backyard. Pop the popcorn, flip through Netflix, and snuggle in an alpaca blanket (coffee chevron) for a comfortable night in (fort-building optional).

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Amusement Parks

Who says amusements parks are just for kids? Not us. Grab a pair of Rebeca Amados (charcoalcrazy blue) or Sienna Grace boots (chocolateblack) and get ready for a night of Ferris wheels, cotton candy, and fun.

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There’s nothing more romantic than stargazing on a clear night. For Austinites, there’s much to enjoy atop Mt. Bonnell from the breathtaking view of our beloved city below to the vastness of the sky above. Nothing could make it more beautiful except, of course, our Cameron Oxford (slateblack) or Alexandra Paige boots (chocolaterosewood).

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Happy Valentine’s Day!