Summer 2013 is Here


Fortress of Inca, a shoe company based in Austin, Texas recently released their summer line of footwear ranging from sandals to wedges. The brand draws its main inspiration from Peruvian culture and textiles, which has a very rich history.

Peruvian textile weaving draws on a legacy more than 2,000 years old. Textiles played an important role in society, especially in the Inca kingdom and held more value than gold and silver. The Incas gave textiles as the highest form of tribute and they signified the wearer’s social status and political power.

Fortress of Inca bridges the gap between tradition and modernity. The brand sticks close to its roots and each pair of shoes is handcrafted using the finest quality leather and woven textiles.

The summer styles for 2013 stay true to the trends, while the combination of eye-catching colors and intricate tribal details stay true to the design aesthetic of the brand. There are thousands of techniques, layouts and styles associated with Peruvian materials, but the patterns are always bold.

Fortress of Inca utilizes the classic black, brown and grey color schemes making the shoes wearable with almost anything. However, by adding splashes of blues, reds, greens, oranges, pinks and gold to give the shoes an extra pop, without being too over-the-top. Fortress of Inca shoes add a vibrant, carefree and indie feel to any outfit.

Fortress of Inca’s Fall line consisted mainly of the trademark Inca boots that were perfect for the colder seasons, the brand has branched out and expanded on their designs for the summer line. New styles of footwear ranging from sandals and flats to wedges have brought about an air of creative freshness to the brand. Each pair of shoes is comfortable, wearable and perfect for a hot summer day or night.

No matter what your personal style or budget, Fortress of Inca offers a wide array of products that would make a great addition to any woman’s expanding shoe closet. The Inti Ballerina flats, conveniently named after the Incan sun god and the Ria Aventura Boho sandal are a great fit for those searching for something on the casual side or to wear at a pool party or to the beach.

For those preferring something dressier and with a higher heel height, there a few more options available in the summer line. The Beatriz Leta has a 3” flatform, the Penelope Sol Platform sports a 3” heel, and the Estella Luz Espadrille sits atop a 4.5” wedge, the Marta Ana Heel has a 4.5” heel, and the edgier styles of the Xenia wedge and Reyna Agata have a 4.5” wedge.

Styles available this summer from Fortress of Inca that bridge the Fall collection with the summer include the ever popular Cameron Oxford boot, the Abigail Scrunch and the Sofia Terra boot all made from premium Peruvian leather that is rich and will age beautifully over the years.

Peruvian textiles since the very beginning have often consisted of designs that are orderly and repetitive on a solid background, however no two images were ever the same. And no brand is quite the same as Fortress of Inca. The summer line of shoes is as original, and stand out as much as the Inca girl making the purchase.