Smaller Margins, Bigger Hearts

Recently, lifestyle blog ELAINESIR featured Fortress of Inca, complete with an interview with Creative Director and co-owner Dory Benami. As an insider in the fashion/shoe industry, Benami speaks of his experiences, perspective, and the reason he was drawn to Fortress of Inca. The article and interview take a deeper look into the dirty truth behind the facade that is luxury fashion brands, such as Gucci or Prada, and fast fashion brands like Zara. On one end, consumers receive high-quality products that are severely overpriced with deceptive "Made in Italy" stamps while on the other, consumers pay lower prices but get products made from cheap materials by unfairly treated workers. However, Fortress of Inca is one of many emerging brands working to find that happy medium between treating customers fairly and treating workers fairly.

Read the entire article here.