Searching for Sustainability Street

We all know it. Our planet has an expiry date if we keep on living the way we do. Drastic changes on the ecological, social and economic realm are necessary. But how can we do this? Many people don't know where to start …

To find an answer to these needs and questions, Belgian Lana Meeusen and Peruvian Bruno Cerpa Moreno conceived an ambitious one-year project, named 'Searching for Sustainability Street. 21.500 km. 20 countries. 1 documentary'. As the title states, Bruno and Lana will make a documentary about how people throughout Europe and Asia make efforts to live in a sustainable way, while they travel overland through these two continents slowly and ecologically. By visiting people that are experienced in specific sustainable practices, they want to learn from them and document their skills in order to share them with the world.

The sustainable practices around the globe are versatile. There are companies that sell sustainable clothes, shoes and accessories, made with love, a fair wage and organic products. There are neighborhood initiatives, where neighbors get together to work in a shared organic vegetable garden. There are people that live together in harmony with each other, society and nature in intentional communities. And the list goes on. We can all learn from these examples.

Through this documentary, Bruno and Lana want to give you a deeper and contextualized insight in sustainability and how it can be incorporated into your life. For there are many possible ways to live more sustainably, and you really don't need to time travel back to the 19th century to realize this.

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