Made in Peru: The Story of your Shoes


It’s always thrilling to find out someone’s story. Where they’ve come from, what they’ve experienced. But have you ever thought about the story of your shoes? Where were they before you?

At Fortress of Inca, we think this story is very important. We want you to know where they came from. It’s something we are very proud of.

Your shoes were conceived and born in Peru.

Now, the conception goes all the way back to the Incas of the 13th and 14th centuries.

Incas are known for their colorful textiles. They expressed their love of colors by decorating their clothing with brightly colored tropical bird feathers and weaving vibrant designs. Warm colors, especially red and golden yellow, are commonly found in their work.

Popular textile designs of the Incas were: stripes, diamonds, squares, chevrons, two-headed serpents, crabs, birds, and other animals. Many of these animalistic and geometric designs are found within the Fortress of Inca shoe collection.






Textiles were actually a form of currency for the Inca, so it only makes sense that our shoes are crafted in an area where art is highly regarded. Artisans were very valuable in the Incan period and we value them today as they carefully handcraft our shoes for you.

Although the Incas themselves were conquered, their art lives on still today. Here at Fortress of Inca, we are happy to perpetuate the artisanal brilliance of the Incas with our designs and materials.

Your shoes aren’t just handmade in Peru, they’re inspired by it.