Heels vs. Flats


Fifteen minutes late, as usual, you have reached full on panic mode. You only have half of an outfit on, yet that age-old question has decided now is the perfect time to rear its ugly head again. Do you wear heels or flats?

Any woman reading this can already tell you the pros & cons to either shoe choice regardless of the situation.

Ximena Isi Oxblood

A relationship with heels is one not much different than the toxic relationship your best friend has been crying about for years. Wear the heels, and look like a boss... until the bones in your feet shatter into a thousand pieces. Then you are left trying to decide whether you want to hobble like an 80-year-old woman on stilts or shamefully step out of your shoes and admit defeat.

Isabella Pointed Toe Grey

So you could wear the flats, and frolic freely to your hearts content… unless everyone else is wearing heels. Then you feel like you are looking UP at everyone else the whole time, an underdressed mess. Flats are like the nice guy your grandma tries to set you up with. He is opening the door for you and doing all the right things, but sometimes it just feels like there is something better out there.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a third option lying right under your nose. Hidden in the back of your closet, just waiting for the day you realize you have been wrong all of these years and run away with them. And run. You will be able to run.


An answer so obvious how could we have missed it all of these years? Booties are like the guy you tossed into the friend zone years ago. They have been listening to you come home and complain about your painful relationship with heels and the comfortable doubt you feel about your relationship with flats. They have been the shoulder you’ve cried on for years, but you still haven’t shown them any love. The time has come to make a decision- and when in doubt, booties out.