Forget Roses and Chocolate: 10 Things She Actually Wants for Valentine’s Day

This is a guest post written by Laura Underwood

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I recently read an article titled, “27 Reasons Why Being a Dude is So Much Easier.” The list included all of the obvious advantages, like being able to pee standing up, not having to give birth, and being able to get ready in the morning in 20 minutes flat. While those are all valid points (and I, in general, do think that being a guy would be much simpler), there are a few occasions on which I’m super thankful to be a girl. For example, I’m so glad I never have to ask anyone’s father for permission to marry his child.

I’m also beyond thankful that I don’t have to shop for a female on Valentine’s Day. I’ll admit it, women love gifts. We also love to romanticize holidays, especially ones that are all about pink hearts and mushy feelings. So guys, if you’re feeling the pressure to give your lady something extra special this Valentine’s day, you’ve come to the right place. Select one of the awesome products below, and it will be as if your significant other was hit with a love arrow from Cupid himself.

Lucille Ball Print from Splendid And Sound
Splendid and Sound makes some of the most cheerful prints we’ve ever seen! The Etsy shop, based out of Salt Lake City, has countless inspiring typography designs to choose from. We’re partial to the quote from Lucille Ball, “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.” Stick the smart white French paper print in a simple frame and you’ve got one amazing gift.

Commuter Tote in Cheetah from Ceri Hoover Bags
We could go on and on about our love for this bag for days, if you’d let us. Since you’ve got shopping to do, we’ll try to keep it short. Guys, you might not know this, but women consider animal print a neutral; it goes with anything! The subtle cheetah pattern of this tote is ideal for both work and play, making this purchase worth the splurge.

ChiliCloud Pillow from Chili Technology
We’re pretty sure there’s nothing better than the gift of a good night’s sleep. Chili Technology makes a product that’s cooler than the flip side of the pillow, literally. The ChiliCloud pillow is made from coconut foam, which offers a breathable open cell structure and a cooler surface. The 3D gel on each side ensures an ideal place to lay your head all night long.

Kate Spade Thermal Mug from Give Simple
Give Simple stands above the rest with its unprecedented curating ability. When it comes to gifts, they pick the best of the best and put them all in one spot. We’ve never met a girl who doesn’t love Kate Spade, so we know that this color block mug is sure to be a winner.

The Fritz Cardigan from Goddis
They say every kiss begins with Kay, but we say every kiss begins with Goddis. We’re crazy about the designer Bohemian knitwear, made in Brazil and Peru. The knit Fritz cardigan has that tribal vibe we’ve been seeing all over the runway and comes in a vibrant blue that can be worn all year long.

SuperLash Vegan Mineral Mascara from HerbanLuxe
It’s no secret that many large makeup brands create their products using some scary ingredients. When it comes to mascara, these ingredients can be particularly harmful, often times causing conjunctivitis and eyelid dermatitis. HerbanLuxe offers a solution with their vegan mineral mascara, handmade in Connecticut. No funky chemicals or dyes to be found!

Lil Sis Purse from Basmati Bags
We’ve long sung the praises of Basmati Bags, purses and totes upcycled from rice sacks and other reclaimed fabrics. Their new Lil Sis purse is handmade in San Francisco and is perfect for everyday use. And the best part? Six percent of profits from each purchase goes to nonprofits in the Bay Area!

The Farrah Wrap Dress from KOKOON
You simply can’t go wrong with a little black dress. Kokoon creates chic and unique women’s wear, delivered primarily through private appointments and in-home trunk shows. Package this flattering wrap dress with a gift card to your favorite date spot, and take your sweetheart out for a night on the town.

Lavender Deluxe Set from Latika Soap
This body care set includes everything anyone could need for a full-blown pampering session. Organic body wash, natural body lotion, whipped body scrub, and a cute cupcake soap, all in your choice of oatmeal or yellow cupcake scents. Every bath treat is handmade by a husband and wife team in Austin, Texas.