Feature Friday: TJULA Design


We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Feature Friday" blog posts.

If you're looking for clothing made by workers who are treated well and paid fair wages, quality, ethical products without the high price tags or ethically made apparel in modern, urban styles that won't be obsolete in a few months, but take you through seasons of casual, fashionable wear, then TJULA Design is the brand for you. 

If you love quality clothing, you are aware the struggle that can ensue trying to find what you need at affordable prices. It's getting difficult being a consumer, especially one that craves the ethically made clothing we should all be getting behind. Fast fashion stores are everywhere these days, making it easy to give into the cheap clothing and harder to find those quality, ethically made products we should really be treating ourselves with. 

Here comes TJULA Design, saving the day with their quality AND awesome prices. On their shopping ventures, the folks at TJULA say they occasionally find quality and ethically made products, but the styles fit a traveler in a distant land rather than an everyday, urban lifestyle. This is why they strive to design quality and fairly priced products made by ethical means that fit urban lifestyles. 

TJULA is committed to creating opportunities that empower women, which is why they partner with organizations that train women and develop their skills to produce quality products. They also take an eco-conscious approach to production, to ensure the health of their workers and their communities. A portion of the profits from each piece they sell goes right back to the community where the product is made through nonprofit programs that further local community development! TJULA is the ideal brand if you care about the success of women, giving back to communities who need it and quality products that are stylish and classic. 

Some pieces we like...

PantsJulia Isa

TankVictoria Naya

SkirtVictoria Luz

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