Feature Friday: Synergy Clothing


We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Feature Friday" blog posts.

Synergy is a brand that prides itself on producing quality organic clothing, outerwear and accessories. The folks at Synergy make sure that what they're selling is always fair trade and sustainable; they want their customers to look and feel their best. Their clothing is made with Certified Organic Cotton and other eco-friendly fibers, which reduces pesticide usage, damage to fresh water resources, and lowers health risks for global farming communities. It also makes their clothing super soft! We love their stuff so much we recently did a giveaway with Synergy! Check out some of the products that were up for grabs. 

Synergy's products are made by artisans in Nepal, whom they refer to as their 'Nepali Family.' They say it is just important to support their Nepali team as it is their team in America. They pay all their employees in Nepal a living wage, and through this, are empowering women to rise above poverty and give them the opportunity to work and support their families. A unique aspect of Synergy is that they also provide their employees with the chance to take their work home with them, so they never have to choose between caring for their families and earning an income. 

To learn more about all the impressive organizations Synergy is involved with, visit their About page on the Synergy Clothing website. 

The people at Synergy say organic is at the core of who they are as a company. They're huge advocates of the social and environmental reasons to wear organic clothing. Help them spread the word with this information: 

  • The soil used is cultivated in a way that makes it viable for long term use
  • No pesticides are used in the organic farming of their company
  • Their water usage is much lower because of the clean farming practices
  • The dyes used in their organic clothing are low impact
  • No child labor is involved in the production of their organic clothing
  • Their fabrics are incredibly soft and safe for sensitive skin

To read more about why Synergy is a great clothing company, visit their own blog here! It's definitely worth looking into their more in-depth explanations of their values and why they put so much time and energy into their unique process for making garments. 

Some pieces we like...

DressBraceletCara Boot

Luisa BootEarringsTrench Coat

DressEarringsAdriana Coco

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