Feature Friday: Purse & Clutch


We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Feature Friday" blog posts.

In 2011, Jen Lewis launched her ethical handbag online boutique, Purse & Clutch, to support a friend working with talented artisans in India. For as long as she can remember, Jen has wanted to devote her time to finding a long-term, sustainable solution for men and women living in poverty in developing countries. She took a few trips to Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Honduras where she has witnessed the need for sustainable jobs firsthand. Since launching the online boutique, she has expanded to other groups around the world, curating the most beautiful textiles and patterns she could find.

Purse & Clutch's beliefs are very similar to Fortress of Inca's in that they consist of quality, affordability, and social responsibility. Its handbags are made with high quality, handmade organic fabrics and recycled materials as much as possible. Purse & Clutch stays up-to-date on the fashion scene and attends cultural events so it can bring you the most interesting collection available. Each Purse & Clutch product is under $150 and helps employ and empower the artisans who made it. The company partners with artisans around the world in developing countries and makes sure they are treated with respect and paid a fair living wage. On average, for every $200 you spent at Purse & Clutch, the company is able to help employ an artisan full-time for one month.

Fortress of Inca had the pleasure of collaborating with Purse & Clutch in its Fall/Winter 2015 Lookbook!

Purse & Clutch Embossed Pouchette x Fortress of Inca Adriana Coco Scotch

Purse & Clutch Rugged Leather Handbag x Fortress of Inca Isabella Pointed

Purse & Clutch Buckle Crossbody x Fortress of Inca Victoria Luz Black

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