Feature Friday: Kivvi Cosmetics


We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Feature Friday" blog posts.

Kivvi Cosmetics, prides itself in making products that are suitable for vegans, and not tested on animals. The brand uses berries from the Baltic sea as the base of each Kivvi product. Their product bottles are unique and pretty, decorated with strings of berries from forests and gardens of Latvia, where the formulas are made, of bilberries, black currants, raspberries, cranberries, rowan berries, sea buckthorn berries, lingonberries, chokeberries, bearberries and more. Berries have an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that separate the Kivvi brand from other skincare lines. The Kivvi team makes the products by hand and are passionate about the process; they want their customers to feel the care and time that went into making their face creams, scrubs, washes, gels, toners, lip balms, body lotions and showers gels. This product is made for customers who find time to keep up a skin routine and make time for themselves and their skincare. 


Kivvi Cosmetics has many qualities that make it different from other skincare lines. It is all-inclusive in the way that the company makes products for all skin types, in a variety of scents and purposes. It provides lines of products  for customers to keep their skin clear, soft and healthy. A main feature is that all products have kiwi fruit seed oil, which has been labelled as one of the most valuable and effective cosmetic ingredients, and has antioxidant and anti-aging effects, restoring skin cells and moisturizing skin. They also take pride in the fact that their products, specifically their facial cream, would perform several functions instead of just one. Kivvi creams moisturize, nurture and calm the skin, preserve the natural skin moisture level, facilitate skin cell renovation, diminish first signs of skin aging, and are anti-inflammatory. 

Here is a more extensive ingredients list that is common on their product bottles:

  • Pomegranate oil – revitalises ageing skin and restores skin elasticity
  • Rosehip oil – reduces wrinkles and signs of premature ageing
  • Cranberry seed oil – improves collagen and the elastin fibers in the skin
  • Blackcurrant seed oil – it acts as anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger, it softens and nourishes skin
  • Kiwi seed oil – has collagen synthesis stimulating activity and cell regeneration stimulating activity
  • Damask rose extract – has nourishing, soothing and regenerating properties

For more in-depth information about the products and their properties, visit the We - Kivvi page on the Kivvi Cosmetics website. 


Interested in buying these products yet? You can find a great selection on Made in Latvia, a site that offers international shipping for their products. 

Some products we like...


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