Feature Friday: Gamma Folk


We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Feature Friday" blog posts.

Lily Piyathaisere began Gamma Folk in 2012, influenced by art, mysticism, pop culture and the Bauhaus. The line of statement jewelry and accessories incorporates traditional techniques, including natural dying, weaving, braiding and ceramics. All of this time spent on perfecting their pieces really reflect through their aesthetic and the delicate look of their products. Lily says the Gamma Folk like reflects the spirit of the past and present in its blend of organic materials and modern aesthetics. Here at Fortress, we can really appreciate the time and effort it takes to stay true to traditional techniques, and feel that it gives a unique and one-of-a-kind touch to Gamma Folk's pieces. 

Lily takes pride in making everything by hand in small batches, just like us! While this process takes time, it allows the pieces to be crafted with great care and consideration for the wearers, and each product can have subtle variations, making each piece special to the wearer! Lily favors natural dyes and earthy colors. Even her dyes are made from ethically-produced materials! 

The name 'Gamma Folk' has a pretty interesting backstory; "Folk" comes from the major inspiration folk art provides Lily with her work. "Gamma" refers to high frequency brainwaves associated with clarity and insight, both of which Lily aims to bring to her designs. We can definitely see this in her work, as she tries to inform people of the importance of buying ethical products and trying to live more sustainable lives. Lily's products are surprisingly affordable, considering all the time and effort she puts into her work, making sure her values and unique aesthetic show through every time. Do yourself a favor and check out her lovely jewelry, and don't forget to treat yourself every once in a while! This is a gift to yourself you won't feel guilty about buying later. 

Some pieces we like...


NecklaceEarringsAdriana Coco





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