Feature Friday: Diamonds Are Evil


We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Feature Friday" blog posts.

A little about the company:

Diamonds Are Evil was co-founded by Meredith Butler and Michael Murphy and is based in the lovely South Austin area. The company specializes in handcrafted laser-cut jewelryaccessoriesart, and home decor. The inspiration behind the brand was the lack of consumer knowledge about gemstones and diamonds. With a bold name like "Diamonds Are Evil," the company is taking a stand to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. As a bonus, not only is Diamonds Are Evil based in South Austin like Fortress of Inca, but we also share a showroom! 

What we like about the brand:

  1. Diamonds Are Evil not only sells and designs its products, but also produces them in-house. While products are showcased at the front of the showroom, if you head on back, you can see the magic happening for yourself. The reason they do this is to have complete control over the production process and eliminate risk of wasteful or non-environmentally friendly practices. No sweatshops and poorly-treated workers, just a few hard-working individuals passionate about their work and making a difference.
  2. There's no question that Diamonds Are Evil creates beautiful products, but did you know it's all eco-friendly? Their product are made mostly from sustainably harvested Canadian birch wood, reclaimed acrylic, or re-purposed leather remnants. They even find new uses for old remnants from their own work! So you're not just helping yourself to a beautiful piece of jewelry or art, but you're also helping the earth.

Some pieces that we like:


SESEN | drop earringsdelicate round bracelet

The SESEN collection mixes natural brass with a beautiful birch hardwood. The round disks in the earrings will perfectly frame your face and the delicate bracelet will be the perfect, subtle accent to any outfit. Complete the look by adding a bit of fierce with our Julietta peep-toe booties (available in black viperblack, and camel).

ZENITH | chunky statement necklace

This chunky statement necklace beautifully blends natural brass, black leather, and hardwood for the perfect statement piece. Pair it with a dressed down outfit to add that extra "wow" factor or complete the look with our simple Diana derby shoes (available in camel and red).

OBELISK | brass earringsleather cage bracelet

If you're looking for a low-key, simple look that can still pack a punch, the OBELISK collection is perfect for you. The dainty earrings and the bold, yet classy, black leather of the cage bracelet are the perfect accent to any outfit. Complete the look with our Ursula heels (available in cream + black and silver + cream).

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