Feature Friday: Charity Charge


We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Feature Friday" blog posts.

Do you ever think about the endless possibilities that your credit card reward points have? A $25 gift card to Target or Sephora, a new, quirky kitchen appliance that you would never actually buy, but now that its up for grabs...

We have all been faced with the difficult decision of how to spend our hard earned points. But what if those points could do some good, instead of earning you a popcorn machine that will eventually end up at a garage sale? That's the question Stephen Garten had when he was faced with the expiration of his reward points. Inspired by his father's will to give back to those less financially comfortable, Stephen created a way to help make this world a better place by doing what you do every day... swiping your credit card! 

With a Charity Charge Card, you get to make a more meaningful choice in where your cashback points go! You choose from a list of nonprofits, schools, and charities that Charity Charge has handpicked. Now you can feel a little bit better about that online shopping spree, because you are helping a cause you believe in while you do it!

You can watch this video or check out the Charity Charge website to learn more about the opportunities that a Charity Charge gives you and the organization of your choice! 

In a world that seems to be less and less focused on doing good, let's all make more small steps towards a loving, giving world.