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Natalie Frigo's passion is to create handcrafted jewelry that is unique, recycled, and minimizes the waste of the jewelry-making industry. All designs are sculpted by hand in her lower Manhattan studio, as she personally attends to each detail using ancient practices of metalsmithing and lost-wax casting. She then casts and finishes the organic forms in New York City, pairing re-mastered, recycled metals with ethically sourced gemstones she personally selected. Natalie obviously takes the process of jewelry making very seriously, so you can be sure the craftsmanship and attention to detail will always be up to par. Beautiful jewelry, organic shapes, carefully selected gemstones, what's not to love? Take a look at her spring/summer 2016 line below: 

Ethical jewelry is a huge part of Natalie Frigo's line. The stones utilized are conflict-free, ensuring no individual was forced to mine in unsafe or illegal working conditions. All diamonds used are individually tracked through full chain of custody to ensure that ethical practices are used in mining, cutting, and polishing. If this is something you're passionate about, you and this jewelry will get along just fine! It gets better– these gemstones are delivered from mines that provide a living wage, ensure safe working conditions and protect the environment by limiting dangerous chemicals and developing plans for restoring the land after mining is complete, all of which are important to us, too! 

Not only is Natalie's jewelry timeless, chic and staple pieces, the recycle and reclaim method she uses eliminates a tremendous amount of new pollution and contaminated water. The choice between newly minted 18- karat gold rings that create 20 tons of waste and recycled metal that creates almost no pollution and is indistinguishable from newly minted, wasteful jewelry is a simple one. Treat yourself to pieces that will last a lifetime, help the earth and reduce waste for a cleaner way of living. 

Some pieces we like...

NecklaceEarringsLena Cut-Out

RingEarringsAdriana Coco


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