Feature Friday: BeGood


Often, consideration for the natural resources used in clothes is overlooked for the sake of fashion.

In the clothes-making process, water is often contaminated with chemicals, rendered unusable.

But San Francisco-based BeGood exemplifies just how green a clothing manufacturer can be.

All BeGood's textiles are natural, organic, and biodegradable.

In partnership with Evidence Action, BeGood purifies 12 gallons of water in an area of mostly contaminated water for every purchase. 

BeGood scrutinizes over their production process to make sure their brand helps our ecosystem.

And for that, we thank them. 

Why not try Fortress of Inca and BeGood together? Here are some looks we love:

Think dresses aren't comfortable enough to go play in? BeGood's Ivy Dress in Navy is the exception. Pair with the Pamela Camel and head out for a day of adventure.

Ready for a walk on the beach? Throw on some denim shorts, the Page Dolman Psychedelic Pineapple top with your Kina Navy Suede + Camel and Tatiana Black Leather Wrap for your stroll in the sand. 

Or head to lunch in the versatile Market Blouse in Coral and the Adriana Coco in Scotch

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