Feature Friday: Beaumont Organic


We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Feature Friday" blog posts.

Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia started Beaumont Organic in 2008, beginning with a collection of eight 100% Organic Cotton un-dyed T-shirts. The brand garnered much success, and, by 2009, won the "Best Organic Textile Award," and began wholesaling in Japan. In 2010, they launched their UK-based website, but their rapid growth caused them to relaunch in 2012 as an international shopping site! 

Beaumont Organic is a brand that specializes in luxury casual pieces for modern women, most of which are made from 100% Organic Cotton, with Global Organic Textile Standard Certification. Their great-quality garments and accessories showcase their ethical and responsible fabrics that are stylish and ethically and environmentally conscious. Some other natural textiles incorporated into their clothing are bamboo, linen, wool and natural leathers. The folks at Beaumont Organic know how important it is to be sustainable and help the environment, so they make sure their clothes are comfortable, soft, beautiful and something you'll feel good about treating yourself to. 

To learn more about these organic materials, let Beaumont Organic convince you to purchase some products by reading up on their Organic CottonBambooLinenWool and Natural Leather pages on their website. 

Another interesting read on their website is End of Rolls. After many trips to factories, Hannah and her team noticed the huge amounts of fabric rolls that are left around in warehouses. These fabrics are often produced using environmentally damaging methods, but then are wasted. That is why Beaumont Organic uses these fabrics to reduce the waste material going into landfills, which would otherwise create more destruction to the environment. Beaumont Organics began making some pieces that are produced from discarded fabrics, until the rolls run out. The End of Rolls method means they usually make only a handful of pieces when using the fabrics, therefore resulting in limited stock. They create these exclusive pieces for their customers to have unique and beautiful garments that made the most of the materials they had. 

The brand has many different methods of production, which makes them unique. A guide to their symbols on their garments to help you out can be found here: 

These symbols represent the number of ethical production methods they provide their customers. This means you can support the ethics that mean the most to you! Some other ethics you can look into on their webpage are Made in EnglandMade in Portugal, and Ethical Production

Hannah began The Beaumont Organic Foundation in 2008, after teaching Math in Fiji at Nuisawa School, Taveuni, and noticing there were a lack of school supplies and toys provided for the children to use. The foundation pledged to donate 1% of the brands annual profits to help people and children on the island of Taveuni. In 2014, Hannah travelled back to Taveuni, and saw all the progress made from her contributions. She was so pleased, she wanted to help people in other ways. During her visit, she spent a week volunteering at the local hospital with the Loloma Foundation and experienced the dangers associated with the hospital. As of 2015, the foundation will be helping to support renovations in the hospital and the people who make these renovations possible. So, not only are you helping save the earth with this company, you are also supporting a cause that will help our fellow humans. What more could you ask for? 

Some pieces we like...

Vest | PurseCara

Jumpsuit | Paloma

Dress | Adriana Coco

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