Feature Friday: Bario Neal


We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Feature Friday" blog posts.

In 2007, independent designers Anna Bario and Page Neal connected over their common interest in the sculptural possibilities of jewelry and its possible cultural impact. Through their collaboration, Bario Neal was born. The company's mission is to make objects of lasting value all the while creating meaningful change in the jewelry industry. Bario Neal's main commitments are to environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing, and marriage equality. The company supports traceability and transparency, striving to be stakeholders in progressive sourcing and manufacturing initiatives. Due to its small size, Bario Neal has some flexibility to try new materials and sources and branch into new projects following its evolving interests while advocating both global and local causes. In fact, a percentage of profits is donated to numerous environmental and social justice organizations that the company supports.

Bario Neal's jewelry is handmade in its Philadelphia store, which houses its open workshop. In addition to its own collections, the company works closely with clients to create personalized, custom pieces, including redesigning heirloom pieces. All jewelry is made with ethically sourced stones, 100% reclaimed metals and Fairmined gold whenever possible. The Fairmined gold certification ensures that gold has been ethically extracted by artisanal and small-scale miners certified under the Fairmined standard. These miners are held to strict environmental, labor, and social and economic development standards. Workers are paid fair wages, work in safe environments, and mine on a small, environmentally conscious scale.

*More in-depth information on Bario Neal's sustainability efforts is available on its website.

Not only is Bario Neal's jewelry ethical and sustainable, but it's absolutely stunning too! From rings to bracelets to earrings and more, products are of high quality and its simplistic design makes it both classy and extremely versatile. Rings and bracelets are crafted to perfection and great for stacking or wearing alone. Check out Bario Neal's blog to get a better idea of the impact this small jewelry company has made so far.

Some pieces we like...

Sapphire Slice PendantCala Sapphire Studs

Demi-Baguette Diamond BandReticulated Band FourFishtail Band

Adriana Coco Gold

Marbled Resin Enamel BraceletHerringbone BraceletI.O. Earrings

Dais Narrow Band with SapphiresDais Narrow Band with DiamondsReticulated Band Two

Gabriela Sky Blue

Notch NecklaceGale Bracelet

Senna Thin BandAldine Thin BandQuill Narrow Band

Jessica Skye

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