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The idea for 4Love Clothing sprouted from literary inspiration. The heart-wrenching book, Half the Sky, changed the course of Lindsey Parry's life. Lindsey wanted to find a way to empower women and to give women a greater voice in order to make decisions benefiting them and their family. Lindsey looks to the Chinese proverb, "women hold up half the sky" for motivation to play a role in the growing revolution to breaking the cycle of poverty, and women are the solution.

In 2011, Lindsey moved to Republic of Panama to create Sowing Seeds of Love, a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering indigenous women and their families through education, creative arts, residing programs and team sports. After spending some time in Republic of Panama, getting to know the people and culture and advancing her Spanish skills, Lindsey established the foundation to move forward with an idea that came into her head after moving. This idea became 4Love!

Lindsey admired the beautiful colors and intricate designs that were reflected in the traditional dress of the women and girls she encountered in Panama. She began to realize she could adapt aspects of their dress to create a line of clothing and accessories that appealed to western women. She decided to merge her passion for fashion and her desire to help others and began sketching different designs and developing her ideas for the brand. Through 4Love, she was able to create a unique clothing line that empowered indigenous women through stable employment and fair wages.

4Love Clothing is designed and marketed to women who are looking to make a difference with their purchases without sacrificing fashion. To learn more about Lindsey's process and brand development history, visit the "Our Story" tab on the 4Love Clothing site.

When you purchase from 4Love, you are helping to provide stable employment to indigenous women 4Love employs, where they are paid fair trade wages. With your contributions, you are empowering these women and giving them confidence in their jobs, and you are helping to support Sowing Seeds of Love, Lindsey's non-profit organization that provides the women of 4Love and their families with the chance to learn how to read and attend classes in math, health and hygiene.

To read about the powerful women behind 4Love, visit the "Behind 4Love" tab on the 4Love Clothing site.

Some pieces we like...

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Dress | Julia Isa

Dress | Victoria Luz

Dress | Victoria Naya

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