Feature Friday: 4 All Humanity


We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Feature Friday" blog posts.

As a fashion designer and a humanitarian, Zoe Schumm has incorporated both of her passions into creating a brand that provides a fair trade for the artisans and quality products for the consumers. In 2012, Zoe and her husband Joshua collaborated with skilled Guatemalan artisans and launched 4 All Humanity. The brand's collections employ the unique style and skills of the ancient Mayan civilization, practices that date back centuries but are still heavily embedded within the Guatemalan culture.

By working with local artisans, 4 All Humanity has given them the opportunity to preserve their art form while giving them a steady income. It is this unique relationship built on trust that sets 4 All Humanity apart from other apparel brands. Its focus on women empowerment has positioned it in the forefront of the fight towards gender equality, and its core beliefs can always be seen through its work ethics. A company such as this one inspires people to create and believe in a better future, a future where we can all live in harmony as a community.

In 4 All Humanity you will find unique styles to satisfy your unique taste. An authenticity preserved with the utilization of handcrafted local fabrics and quality artisan works along with collections consisting of colorful Guatemalan works and self-empowering messages.

Here are some of our favorite 4 All Humanity styles!