5 Ways To Cure a Bad Case of The Monday's


Monday's hit everyone where it hurts. Regardless of what events your weekend held, rolling out of your bed at 7:00 am on Monday morning is never anyones favorite activity. Here are a few ways to beat a bad case of the Monday's

1. Find an early morning pick-me-up

It is always a little easier to do something you don't want to do (like wake up) when there's a little silver lining waiting for you afterwards. Find a Monday spot to grab a coffee or smoothie, and start your week with a cheerful indulgence.

2. Get a running start

The idea of waking up even earlier than you would if you didn't work out might sound petrifying, but hear us out. A morning workout will make you feel more energized throughout the day.

3. Try a new style

Monday's are only drab if you let them be, so add an unexpected pop of color to your regular work outfit, or break out a piece from a recent shopping spree. 

4. Spice up your weekday lunches

Sunday's are great for meal prepping for the entire week. Instead of rushing out with a frozen lunch or a boring sandwich, set aside time to make a few yummy recipes on the weekend. You can mix it up all week to make everyday a better workday. 

5. Make a for fun to-do list

To-do lists oftentimes get bogged down with monotonous tasks that no one wants to do. make two separate lists this week, one with things you are looking forward to, and another for things that have to be done. As you finish a mandatory task, allot yourself time to do a fun task. This could be a Pinterest break, reading a chapter in a new book, or taking a yoga class. Whatever your preference, these fun tasks will lead to a more productive day.