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Summer 10x10 Capsule Challenge: Day 1-3


Happy Monday everyone!

I thought I'd do a weekend update of the 10x10 summer capsule challenge and show you what I wore the past few days!


Started the summer capsule with my brightest item out of the 10, my Guatemalan huipil. I added my favorite grey jeans and our Caramel Gaby.


It's hotter than a mother out here in Texas so I decided to wear minimal clothing Saturday. I choose my Stela9 dress, which is backless and breathable, and my Caramel Adra which are so easy to throw on and feel comfortable all day. 


My grey Baldwin jeans made another appearance on Sunday and I paired them with my favorite thrifted shirt. I tied it up in the front and finished the look with my Pebble Ivory Riri's.

I'm just getting started! I still have 7 more days to go, so stay tuned for more updates. You can also follow along on our Instagram @fortressofinca!