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We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Fortress Faves" blog posts.

Symbology is all about authenticity and preserving traditional art forms. From Indian block printing, to Palestinian weaving, and Native American embroidery, Symbology has created a balance in their fusion of modern styles with cultural textile art.  Founder Marissa Heyl, an Anthropologist and Journalist from the University of North Carolina, was inspired by craftswomen of India who used their talents and abilities to provide for their families with the help of fair trade. Astonished by the beauty of this, she then set to launch Symbology, a company that offers artisans with a livable wage, empowers women through their craft, and celebrates the textile art forms of the world. 

Social change is one of Symbology's core beliefs that is embedded within their skillful team of successful women.  They constantly strive to make a positive impact in this world, and accomplish Heyl's goal of making fair trade "sexy" and a norm within the fashion industry.  They are truly a innovative and remarkable brand that deserves to be recognized for their work.  By investing your money on one of their garments you are not only investing in this company, but you are also investing in fair trade, in children's education, and helping empower the work of creative and industrious craftswomen.

Let's celebrate with them the textile art of the world and learn about the stories of beautiful women through their artwork.  Here at Fortress of Inca we hope that you enjoy their clothes as much as we do and check out some of their content posted below!

Ginkgo Wrap Dress - Symbology Adriana Coco - Fortress of Inca

Ginkgo Wrap Dress | Adriana Coco

Berry Trousers - SymbologyMadeline - Fortress of Inca

Berry Trousers | Madeline

Floral Blouse - Symbology Carmen Cream + Scotch - Fortress of Inca

Blooming Floral Blouse | Carmen