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We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Fortress Faves" blog posts.

If you're looking for the latest cool-girl brand, you just found it. Reformation is changing the game with their effortless silhouettes that it-girls across the states can't resist. Started in 2009, founder Yael Aflalo wanted to break the fast fashion mold and give women another sustainable and conscious brand to choose from. By sourcing their fabrics from deadstock and vintage that would otherwise be heading to a landfill, Reformation makes buying one of their dresses good for you and the environment. When they aren't sourcing vintage fabric, they look to plant-based textiles that leave less of a carbon footprint than cotton. Free of pesticides and requiring very little land for crops, viscose and tencil allow Reformation to design guilt-free designs. 

Not only to does Reformation source eco-friendly materials, the brand also relies on sustainable manufacturing efforts to further set themselves apart from typical fashion brands. By using Refscale, Reformation is able to track the amount of carbon dioxide emissions, water usage, and waste production of each of their products. On top of all of the socially conscious decisions, the brand practices transparency by publishing these statistics on each product page. 

Reformation embodies a social mission that all companies should look to imitate. They provide quality products that don't negatively impact our planet. They offer transparency in their research on their footprint. Not to mention, the brand is right on trend with their 90's inspired slip dresses and boho aesthetic. 

Click below to see some of our favorite Reformation styles. Then head over to their social media pages to see more of our new fave!


Lucky Dress Paloma - Fortress of Inca

Lucky Dress - Paloma


MadelineElle Dress - Reformation

MadelineElle Dress

France Jumpsuit - ReformationMichelle Mule

France Jumpsuit - Michelle Mule