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We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Fortress Faves" blog posts.

A little about the company:

Mitscoots is an Austin-based sock company founded by Tim and Agata Scott in late 2012. While volunteering in Austin, Texas around 2008, the duo discovered that, after food and water, the item with the greatest number of requests from the less fortunate was socks. This discovery fuels the mission behind Mitscoots to get, give, and employ. Mitscoots sells a variety of socks for menwomen, and children as well as a line of tank tops and tees.

What we like about the brand:

  1. Not only are Mitscoots products comfortable and stylish, but they are 100% made in America by the less fortunate. Mitscoots prides itself on helping those transitioning out of poverty by providing employment opportunities to help package its products.
  2. For each pair of socks sold, Mitscoots gives one pair away to someone in need. Within its first six months of operating, Mitscoots had already given away, and equally sold, over 1,500 pairs of socks.

Some pieces that we like:

Chelsea + Mitscoots

The Margaret - Women's

The Margaret is one of Mitscoots performance socks. Complete with breathable mesh and moisture-wicking technology, these socks are the perfect fit whether you're running, cycling, or simply walking around. Complete the look with our  Chelsea boot (available in burgundy and black).

Lily Paige + Mitscoots

The Brown - Women's 

This pair of socks is a part of Mitscoots winter collection and features arch support and seamless toe construction. It also comes in a variety of colors for every occasion. Complete the look with our Lily Paige boot (available in scotch, black, + charcoal. This combo will be sure to keep your feet warm in winter!

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