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We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Fortress Faves" blog posts.

Kirsten Muenster is well versed in various craft techniques, with a primary focus on jewelry fabrication, casting, welding, metalworking and stone cutting. Positive change is happening in the industry regarding the use of ethical materials, and Muenster is surely taking part in the movement. The demand in recycled metal, reusable materials and ethically sourced stones is growing, and Muenster is a big advocate for asking questions, voicing concerns to suppliers and making sure to keep an open dialogue with the jewelry community to bring about these crucial changes. 

fortress faves - woman modeling kirsten muenster jewelry. it is sustainable, ethical and handmade.the demand in recycled metal, reusable materials and ethically sourced stones is growing. woman modeling kirsten muenster bracelet.kirsten muenster aligns her values with the "slow-fashion" movement, woman modeling necklace.

Muenster enjoys using a variety of unique materials to make her jewelry visions come to life; lava, fossilized coral, agate, tusks, petrified wood, fossilized dinosaur bone and nuts and seeds make regular appearances in her collections, paired with recycled metals and ethically sourced gems. 

An important aspect of Muenster's jewelry making is to make sure everything she uses is sustainable, ethical and handmade. Her fossilized materials are provided by the Yu'pik, the native people that live on St. Lawrence Island are legally able to surface mine and sell fossilized ivory. The walrus was an essential part of the Yu'pik way of living; every animal part was used, and tusks were used for tool making. These tools were then discarded and buried by time, and thousands of years later are being found and dug up. Most of the fossil tusk Muenster uses in her collections come from broken tools and artifacts the Yu'pik people provide her. This fossilized material provides the Yu'pik with a viable source of income and no living animal was harmed in it's procurement. This sounds like a very efficient way to bring back history into present day and adds an extremely original element to her pieces. 

To read more information on materials and sourcing, visit Kirsten Muenster's webpage here

each piece of kirsten muenster's jewelry is hand crafted and one-of-a-kind. woman modeling necklace.\Kristen Muenster Jewelry  

Muenster aligns her values with the "slow-fashion" movement, which is based on sustainability and ethical practices. Each piece of her jewelry is hand crafted and one-of-a-kind, and the high quality and craftsmanship will ensure the longevity of your beautiful piece of jewelry. 

Nature, unusual materials, ancient artifacts and crafting techniques inspire her work and process. Go ahead and treat yourself to some bold pieces that transcend seasons and trends and make you feel good about buying and wearing them. Each material used is carefully researched and collected, so you know the quality of your piece will make it last a lifetime. 

Some pieces we like...

fortress faves - kirsten muenster jewelry victoria luz necklace 1

NecklaceVictoria Luz

fortress faves - kirsten muenster jewelry victoria luz necklace 2

NecklaceRing | Ani Boot 

Kristen Muenster x Cara

Necklace | RingCara

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