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We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Fortress Faves" blog posts.

A little about the company:

Andrea Bonelli is the self taught metal smith and owner behind this eco-friendly jewelry company. Over the years she has worked with various mediums in addition to Metalsmithing and has used many different techniques! In her portfolio you can see the unique pieces she has made from 2006 to 2013. Each piece is hand crafted by Andrea herself and her green studio includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even wedding rings that are mostly made from recycled materials. She is also a proud affiliate of the non-profit organization EARTHWORKS, dedicated to keeping communities and environments safe from the horrible impacts of mineral development. Be sure to check out her work on her Esty shop or website for more jewelry!    

Andrea Bonelli Jewelry

What we love about the brand: 

1. Andrea Bonelli uses recycled and ethically mined diamonds to ensure that each item is supporting sustainable fashion. She is always searching for stone cutters and diamond suppliers that follow ethical rules. Not only are these diamonds and gems ethically mined, but they are all absolutely gorgeous!

2. Andrea Bonelli products come in a wide variety of designs, but if you feel like getting a little more creative, you can make a custom order! These products are worth the investment and are classic designs that can be passed down for generations. 

Some pieces that we love: 



Andrea Bonelli Jewelry Adriana Coco - Fortress of Inca

14k Gold Initial Necklace | Adriana Coco Bootie

Trendy and personalized, the 14k Gold Initial necklace is comprised of a beautiful 100% pure gold chain with a charm made from recycled sheet metal before it is stamped with the letter of your choice. These make great gifts and if you add in our Adriana Coco booties (available in black, scotch, or burgundy), you are sure to be the most loved family member this year.

14k Black Diamond StudsGaby Pebbled Ivory

14k Black Diamond StudsGaby Heel 

It's Friday and you're running from the office to dinner with friends, but no worries because with these earrings and shoes you're ready for anything! With a luxurious black color diamond set inside 14k gold, these studs are great for everyday wear but can also be transformed into a statement piece. Pair them with our Gaby Heels (available in black, caramel, or pebbled ivory) for an effortlessly cool Friday night look.


14K Tourmaline Necklace14K Tourmaline RingElise - Steel Grey

14k Pink Tourmaline Necklace | Gemstone Stacking RingsElise Booties

For all you Austin babes, these pieces will be your go-to accessories this season. The 14k Pink Tourmaline Necklace and Gemstone Stacking Rings can be worn while walking around town lake or running down to South Congress on a Saturday afternoon. Each of these items are simple yet stylish. Worn with our Elise booties (available in black, whiskey, and charcoal), you will have people swooning over your outfit! 

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