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We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Fortress Faves" blog posts.

ace&jig is a conscious clothing company based in Brooklyn, New York, and is composed of Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson, who instantly bonded over their love of antique, unique textiles ten years ago as fashion design interns. Their brand came into fruition after both owners had children, and felt the time had come to collaborate once again. 


In 2009, Cary and Jenna set out to create a season-less women's collection from their own yarn-dyed, woven fabrics. They wanted to create timeless, staple investment pieces from their own textile designs, with interesting textures, colors, and patterns. They say their line is "effortless clothing that could be worn in many ways, for many years. A preview of their spring/summer 2016 collection can be seen below: 

ace&jig is a conscious clothing company based in brooklyn, new york. women modeling their spring/summer 2016 collection.

Aren't their silhouettes dreamy? Cary and Jenna are constantly inspired by their own ever-growing textiles collections. At the start of each new season, they sit down with their most exciting finds and begin to create their woven story, from the feed-sack bags of antique french linens to japanese boro quilts. So cool, right? 

Their search for the ideal manufacturer for their interesting, beautiful textiles led them to India, where they found experienced textile specialists weaving on ancient wooden hand looms. Several times a year, they travel to work one-on-one with their weavers to create their authentic fabrics. Their dedication to their brand is shared with their employees, as their Indian partners share their core values and practice holistic kaizen philosophy of continuing to improve. They not only provide free childcare, but they also use reclaimed water to grow organic produce for their employees. Supporting this brand is supporting the health and well-being of their wonderful employees who create these killer ensembles available online for your shopping convenience. 

To read more in-depth information on the textile process, visit the ace&jig Process tab on their webpage. 

Their colors and silhouettes shift with the passing seasons, but each collection always contains their signature yarn-dye stripes, alternating textures, pops of saturated color, iconic and timeless, and an endless source for reinvention. 

Some pieces we like...

 Annalise Dress - ace&jigAdra - Fortress of Inca

Annalise Dress | Adra

 Eileen Skirt - Ace&jigMichelle Caramel - Fortress of Inca

Eileen Skirt Michelle

 Ellis Dress - ace&jigAdriana Coco - Fortress of Inca

Ellis Dress | Adriana Coco

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