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We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Fortress Faves" blog posts.

Designed in New York City, but created at all different corners of the globe, Designer Dana Arbib has found a balance between fashion-forward designs and traditional craft. Her brand, A Peace Treaty, sets itself apart from fast fashion by taking great care in designed jewelry and accessories to be made by skilled craftsmen using century-old techniques. Their exclusive collections have utilized craftsmanship originating from ten countries thus far, making the brand well-traveled in their mission to preserve dying arts and crafts dating back centuries ago. 

Born in Tel Aviv and raised in Toronto, Arbib looks for inspiration from her travels and childhood, playing off of cultural influences from Pakistan, Turkey, and Peru. A Peace Treaty offers dozens of unique pieces that each tells a story of a craftsman practicing a family tradition. The brand gives you a sense of world travel, without having to step foot on an airplane. On their website, they highlight the stories of artisans creating their products, whether they reside in Bangladesh or Colorado. 

A Peace Treaty is blurring borders, telling stories, and offering killer designs all at once. And her work is not going unnoticed - A Peace Treaty has been featured in dozens of magazine's such as Nylon and Vogue. Click below to see a few of our favorites of Arbib's work, then check out more of their content on their website and Instagram!

Sola Coverup - A Peace Treaty Adra Caramel

Sola CoverupAdra


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