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We enjoy highlighting one of many unique brands in our "Fortress Faves" blog posts.

A little about the company:

31 Bits was founded by five women who wanted to make a change following an eye-opening trip from Uganda by one of the founders (Kallie Dovel). Dovel met young women who were single mothers with no education and no job, but they a certain skill set: they could make beautiful jewelry. The five women then joined forces to create 31 Bits and developed a business plan to help these women both financially and holistically. Today, 31 Bits produces gorgeous handcrafted jewelry for women from necklaces to bracelets to classics and recently launched a children's line.

What we like about the brand:

  1. 31 Bits' beads are made from recycled paper from unused posters, advertisements, and textbooks. Cut into long strips and rolled tightly, these beads are then coated in a varnish to harden and then strung into designs or sewn onto one of the embroidered pieces (talk about eco-friendly!). Not only that, but 99% of the materials used are sourced in Eastern Africa, supporting local markets.
  2. Purchasing a product not only adds a beautiful piece to your wardrobe, but it also helps a woman in need. 31 Bits works with its beneficiaries in Uganda to help them earn an income and support their families. In addition to financial support, 31 Bits supports its beneficiaries holistically with counseling, health education, finance training and business mentorships and everything is funded through product sales. So even just one purchase will directly, positively impact a woman in Uganda.

Some pieces that we like:

31 BitsBisbee BundlePaloma - Fortress of Inca

Compass Medley Bracelet | Bisbee Bundle

The Compass Medley bracelet is a classic piece that you'll surely keep and pass down. Handmade out of brass by artisans from Indonesia, this is a beautiful "collector's" bracelet. Pair it with the Bisbee Bundle for a bit of a colorful twist and, as a finishing touch, slip on our Paloma shoe in Caramel (also available in Cream + Caramel and Caramel + Navy). 

Sweeping Dot NecklaceVictoria Luz - Black

Sweeping Dot Necklace

The Sweeping Dot necklace is a beautifully crafted piece of art. Vibrant, 14k gold-plated brass makes this the perfect accessory for any occasion. Finish the look with our funky, yet fabulous Victoria Luz in black (also available in caramel).

Karis Chunky NecklaceSierra StrandsLorena Cream + Scotch

Karis Chunky Scoop Necklace | Sierra Strands

The Karis necklace is a bold and fun addition to outfit. Featuring a combination of paper beads that are hand rolled by artisans in Uganda, with brass accents that are handmade by artisans in Bali, Indonesia, this necklace can be easily dressed up or down. Pair it with a couple of Sierra Strand bracelets, made with pretty spring-colored beads. Keep the look romantic with a pair of our Lorena Oxfords in Cream + Scotch.

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